Tissot PRX Straps alternative

The Tissot PRX watch is, as we have previously written about, one of the biggest successes in recent years. A success that has accompanied us for several years since its launch in 2021.

Alternative Straps for Tissot PRX

Tissot PRX, as you probably know, mostly comes with their stylish metal bracelet, but today you can actually buy the watch from the start with blue, black, and brown leather straps, as well as rubber straps in various colors, which is really exciting. So, if you’re looking for Tissot PRX straps, there are many more options available today.

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Most Common Tissot PRX Straps

  • Original metal bracelet
  • Leather straps that match the dial’s color
  • Rubber straps (this is probably the most up-and-coming strap we believe we will see more of)
  • Metal bracelet (gold-colored, as most gold-colored Tissot PRX watches come with)

Tissot PRX on Rubber Strap

Tissot PRX watches, as you have probably seen, also look really good on rubber straps. Switching to a rubber strap gives the watch a completely new look and is one of our favorite Tissot PRX straps because it feels so natural.

Tissot PRX on Leather Strap

Tissot PRX watches, as we’ve mentioned, also look very good on leather straps. A Tissot PRX leather strap never goes wrong. You can get a plain one or one with a bit of pattern. The Tissot PRX strap that we’ve seen as the most popular is the blue leather strap for Tissot PRX watches with blue dials, which matches incredibly well.

How to Change the Strap on a Tissot PRX

So, how do you go about changing the strap on your Tissot PRX watch? Well, it’s probably one of the easiest watches on the market to change. This is because they use so-called Quick Release bars that can be easily removed with your nail, and you can attach them in the same way, which is really convenient.

Integrated Watch Straps and Their Blessing and Curse

When a watch with integrated straps, which is very popular, is released, a big problem arises for watch enthusiasts who want to change straps with their classic collections of bands that they have built up. And a watch doesn’t become as versatile as one where you can switch to rubber bands in the summer and leather bands for fancier occasions.

However, integrated bands create an opportunity for watch manufacturers and other producers to make really cool special bands specifically for their watches. This is a concept that is usually quite cool and not uncommon among the major brands. Whether Tissot had planned this from the beginning or simply listened to their customers, we do not know, but now there are both original and aftermarket bands available for their watches, much to our great delight.

Are there alternatives to metal bracelets for Tissot PRX?

YES, Tissot themselves make separate bands, but other manufacturers also make them nowadays. You can buy original bands in both leather and rubber in various colors, but the main colors are black, brown, blue, and white.

What band options are available for Tissot PRX?

Tissot PRX comes with the options of a metal bracelet, leather strap, or rubber strap, each with its own charm.

Which band looks the best on Tissot PRX?

The original metal bracelet for Tissot PRX looks really nice, but if you’re looking for alternative straps for your Tissot PRX, we think you should match the dial. If you have a blue dial, the blue leather strap looks great. If you’re looking for something more summery, we recommend trying a rubber strap.

How do you change the strap on a Tissot PRX?

Changing the strap on a Tissot PRX is easy. You can do it easily with something called QR (Quick Release) spring bars, which you can easily remove and attach with just your nail.