One & Two Ripples 40.3mm Mens Watch


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Ripples leads the way in this new sport chic collection, a reflection of our times, selected by the new aesthetes, the visionaries, the seekers of finesse, who overcome challenges in their fast-paced lives every day. Discreet but complex, it adorns the wrist of those comfortable to be different and builds a bridge between tradition and the future. The new case, called ‘La City’ reflects the architecture of London’s eponymous financial district, which combines business, heritage and design. A round square or a square in the round, Ripples offers an original shape and its “Big Ben” hands are a tribute to Speake-Marin’s British roots. Designed for the connoisseur who does not want to compromise on casual elegance, it is a piece that blends into everyday life and can be worn all week long, whether at work or under casual circumstances. Its exclusive contemporary design expresses the sharp taste and demonstrates a strong watchmaking knowledge of the wearer. Its pure and precise shapes are reminiscent of the quest for perfect proportions by contemporary designers and architects. The new Ripples dial finishing developed by Speake-Marin is inspired by contemporary art and materials used for modern industrial design. Due to its innovative and complex dial, the watch looks different from every angle you look at it. As it reflects light in different ways, it changes colours and shapes. The idea of the round in the square expression through its case, its wide Geneva stripes, hand bevelled bridges, inner angle, its “Ripples” dial and its light reflections push watchmaking beauty to an apparent simplicity. It invites you to touch the essential, to experience comfort at all times and in all places, to combine fine watchmaking excellence and daily wear.


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