Aquis Depth Gauge 45.5mm Mens Watch


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Oris is proud to announce the second-generation Aquis Depth Gauge, one of the world’s most innovative and most distinctive high-performance diver’s watches. Known affectionately as ‘the watch with a hole’, the Aquis Depth Gauge uses the scientific principles of the Boyle-Mariotte Law to create a gauge that clearly measures depth during a dive. The patented system works by allowing water through a hole cut into the sapphire crystal at 12 o’clock and into a channel milled around the outer edge of the crystal. This creates a watermark that corresponds to a gauge clearly indicated in yellow on the dial. The new model captures and refines the spirit and functionality of the original, delivering even higher performance when it really matters – deep below the ocean surface. The new Aquis Depth Gauge has three key improvements: Firstly, the depth gauge system in the new watch, the process used to mill the channel into the outer edge of the crystal has been refined so the accuracy and legibility of the gauge are increased. Secondly, the metres-to-feet conversion chart. The case back has been re-engineered so the metres-to-feet conversion chart is always set at 90 degrees to the 12 o’clock position. For divers relying on the chart on a regular basis, this will greatly enhance their experience of the watch. Finally, Oris’s new patented Quick Strap Change system. Owners can now switch the stainless steel metal bracelet and rubber strap quickly, safely and securely without needing a tool or a visit to a jeweller.


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