Guide: How to change watch strap

Guide: How to change the bracelet on your watch yourself.

There are several different types of attachments on watch bracelets, but the most common are “push springs,” so we have chosen to create a guide on how to step by step change the bracelet on a watch with push springs.

  1. Before you start, make sure you have the tools you need to remove the old bracelet and put on the new one, and that you have a suitable bracelet on hand. It may also be a good idea to tape the different parts of the watch before you start to protect it from damage.
  2. Place the watch on a soft surface, such as a towel or piece of fabric, to avoid scratching the glass covering the dial.
    • If you have a watch with a link, open the link at the clasp and remove it from the watch.
  3. Also, tape the band lugs (the parts of the watch where the band is attached) to protect them from damage from your tool.
  4. To remove the old bracelet, try to work from the back of the watch as much as possible. If you have a watch with push springs, press them in one at a time (depending on the tool) and then turn the bracelet to release it from the band lugs. Be careful not to damage the watch.
  5. Once you have removed the old bracelet, it is time to place the new one on the watch.
  6. Make sure you have bought a band with the same bandwidth so that it fits your watch perfectly.
  7. To apply the new bracelet, insert your push springs through the new band.
  8. Then place one end of the push spring in one hole and press on the other side with your tool and move it to the other hole.
  9. Once there, release the pressure on your push spring and make sure it “clicks” in the hole.
  10. Check that it is securely in place by pulling on the band. If you have a watch with a link, be sure to read our other guide on how to shorten a link in the easiest possible way.
  11. Enjoy your new watch with the new bracelet!

To visualize how to proceed, we link below to a YouTube video where it is clearly shown how to do it.

If you are unsure how to proceed, you can always seek help from a professional watch repair person or ask for help from someone who has experience changing watch bands.